Jazz on Film… Noir CD

Jazz on Film… Noir



Film noir is a genre that has attracted many jazz composers and performers over the years and now collected together, are 7 of the classic 1950’s noir jazz-inspired original scores on 5 discs in an exclusively designed, deluxe box set. All original soundtracks have been enhanced by high quality professional digital remastering that surpasses that of previous CD releases for any of the scores.

The box set includes a colourful 52-page booklet with extensive, in-depth sleeve notes plus a foreword by leading international composer/noir-inspired trumpeter Guy Barker. It features some great jazz (as well as groundbreaking film music) from classics Duke Ellington’s Anatomy of a Murder, Elmer Bernstein’s The Man with the Golden Arm and The Sweet Smell of Success (sharing writing credits with percussionist Chico Hamilton) through to Henry Mancini’s Touch of Evil and Alex North’s A Streetcar Named Desire as well as a few relatively unknown scores from the likes of the Modern Jazz Quartet’s John Lewis (Odds Against Tomorrow) and Leith Stevens (Private Hell 36).


A Streetcar Named Desire  –  Alex North

Private Hell 36  –  Leith Stevens

The Man With the Golden Arm  –  Elmer Bernstein

Sweet Smell of Success  –  Elmer Bernstien

Touch of Evil  –  Henry Mancini

Anatomy of a Murder  –  Duke Elington

Odds Against Tomorrow  –  John Lewis