An Evening with Miles Hunt at Arnside Sailing Club 3rd & 4th December

An Evening with Miles Hunt at Arnside Sailing Club 3rd & 4th December

Moochin’ About are very proud to present in association with Good Deeds the legend that is Miles Hunt to Arnside…

The Wonder Stuff’s Miles Hunt is back on the road to perform songs from his forthcoming album Things Can Change, alongside classics from his 36-year career.

For the new album, Miles did what he’s always done and wrote about things that were happening around him, and what had happened to him in the past. Endeavouring to make the music as uplifting as possible, Miles came to accept that we live in a constant state of flux – things can, and will, change. But one thing that he can always be sure of is that his community of friends and family keep him from sinking.

Miles Hunt – Things Can Change ft. Penfriend –

Miles Hunt is the singer of highly successful 90s indie band The Wonder Stuff, and also briefly of Vent 414. His solo career began in 1999 and he has released three “proper” albums – “Hairy On The Inside” (2000), “The Miles Hunt Club” (2002, Under The artist name The Miles Hunt Club) and “Not An Exit” (2007), as well as various live albums. The latter was recorded with violinist Erika Nockalls, recent recruit to The Wonder Stuff, who seems likely to be heavily involved with future Miles Hunt output.

His live shows are famous for anecdotes and stories which often take up more of the gig than actual songs. He now performs solo tours between gigging and recording new material with a reformed The Wonder Stuff.



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