2cd set – Music & Carols from the welsh mines

2cd set – Music & Carols from the welsh mines

 The mesmerising and moving, Music From The Welsh Mines finally gets its re-release on CD, this very special recording by one of Wales’ foremost choirs will be accompanied for the first time with a bonus disc Songs Of Peace & Goodwill – a collection of Christmas carols record in 1958, one year after the original album which has also been remastered …

Rhos are of the oldest and most distinguished choirs in Wales which throughout its history has continued to achieve the highest awards.The village of Rhosllanerchrugog originally represented a mining community in the North East Wales coalfield. And as in many other similar communities, choral singing was an important social involvement around the end of the 19th century.But the local singers were particularly good, and the achievements of the Rhos choirs were such that few could match them at the many competitive events which were popular at the time.The village’s unique reputation for its musical culture was based on the excellence of its choral music, and this continues even to the present day with the existence of two large male choirs, two mixed choirs, a musical theatre society and a female choir.The Rhos Male Voice Choir has always been considered the premier choir in the community and has won international acclaim.

Both albums are conducted by Colin Jones, with Organ played by Tudor Davies…available from 3rd December – distributed by in the UK by  [PIAS]

“It was once said that if blood could sing, it would have to be out of someone from Rhos.”

The dark sound, founded on an extremely solid bass line, is married to a quite unusual sense of blend and balance, providing great beauty throughout. I found myself almost hypnotized by its beauty. The perfectly judged recorded sound, spacious but also clear and focused, is another asset.

Fanfare Magazine

If there was ever an album to raise the hairs on your arms, this is it…

BBC Music Magazine

Male choirs are an intrinsic part of Welsh musical tradition dating back centuries. First formed in 1891 in the north Welsh village of Rhosllannerchrugog, Rhos Male Voice Choir has since been in the forefront of male voice singing. The choir sings ‘Tydi a roddaist’ (Thou gavest), written by Arwel Hughes, on ‘The Ultimate Guide to Welsh Folk’, originally from the album ‘Music From The Welsh Mines’ released by the Moochin’ About label. ‘Tydi a roddaist’ was recorded in London in 1957, as Cerys tells the background story with some of the choir still “in bandages following an accident the day before in the colliery where they worked. These harmonies are ridiculously moving … the essence of Welsh song is rooted in harmony”. Cerys quotes from one of the UK’s earliest travel writers, Gerald of Wales, about the power of song in Welsh choirs: “In their musical concerts they do not sing in unison like the inhabitants of other countries, but in many different parts… You will hear as many different parts and voices as there are performers who all at length unite with organic melody”.

Taken from the sleeve notes from ‘The Ultimate Guide to Welsh Folk Music ‘ – compiled by Cerys Matthews

CD1 – Music From The Welsh Mines

1.Welsh National Anthem
2. Ave Verum
3. Llef
4. Ar Doriad Dydd
5. Myfanwy
6. Tydi A. Roddaist
7. Laudamus
8. Hiraeth
9. 23rd Psalm

CD2 – Songs Of Peace & Goodwill

1 – Hark the Herald Angels Sing
2 – Domine non sum Dignus
3 – Veni Emmanuel
4 – Hen Don Llyfr y Ficer
5 – While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night
6 – Capel Irwan
7 – Ave Verum
8 – Holy Night
9 – Wele Gwawriodd
10 – Adoramus Te
11 – Moab
12 – Goodwill
13 – Yr Nhawel Wlad Judea Dios
14 – Mannheim
15 – O Heol I Heol
16 – Amen

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