Film Noir: MOOCHIN01



“Smartly designed with well researched notes, it’s a real treat for jazz fans & movie buffs alike…”


Dave Gelly ~ The Observer ***** rare 5 star review

“These collections are unprecedented in presentation and sound quality”


BBC Music Magazine, Jazz CD of the month

“Unmissable, with the best remastering you can get”


BBC Music Magazine jazz CD reissue of the month!

“It not only ticks all the jazz box, but will also appeal to jazz enthusiasts and soundtrack experts.
An unmissable item with the best remastering you can get”


Mojo Magazine CD reissue of the month *****

“Seven shadowy movie soundtracks with excellent annotation”


Jack Massarick/London Evening Standard CD of the week

“A stylish 5 Disc compilation”


The Independent

“An absolute labour of love” & “Cracking 5CD box Set”



“7 Classic Jazz- inspired soundtracks in deluxe 5 CD boxset”


Birmingham Post

“Beautifully packaged, with extensive sleeve notes and an ideal gift for any jazz lover”


Q Magazine

“From a world where saxophones signal trashy sex, trumpets the sound of danger,here are 7 masterpieces of the art of Film Noir”


Beat, Square & Cool: MOOCHIN02



“Hipsters and lounge lizards are in for a treat with this 5CD treasure chest that brings together 8 crucial outsider films of the late 50’s &  60’s”


BBC Music Magazine album of the month *****

“If anything, this second five-disc-plus book(a generous 60 pages) set of classic jazz on film, far surpasses its excellent predecessor devoted to film noir”


Chet Baker / Piero Umiliani Italian Movies: MOOCHIN03


The Observer – Dave Gelly *****

This three-CD package is well up to the standard we have come to expect from Moochin’ About, with excellent sound quality and a marvellously evocative cover.


The Guardian ****

“Umiliani,whose scores bring out the soft, melancholy side of Baker’s style to perfection.This 3CD package is well up to the standard we have come to expect from Moochin’ About, with excellent sound quality and a marvellously evocative cover”


Mojo Magazine ****

“The remarkable Umiliani drives Baker through one-take dolce vita dances, early electronic experiments and dark noir alleys”


Record Collector – Jonny Trunk ****

A 3CD set of rare musical joy from a period where Baker collaborated with one of the true gods of Italian cinema – Piero Umiliani.

Jazzwise – Roy Carr ***

Chet didn’t participate on every track of this intriguing 3CD release. But when summoned he proved to be alert, firm lipped and quite comfortable with the surroundings.


Jazz Journal

“An important addition for Chet Baker fans, his performances whilst under Piero Umiliani’s wing, were some of the best of his career”


Fanfare Magazine

“This is a fascinating set covering a much-neglected niche of Baker’s career. Like the previous Moochin’ About sets, the sound quality is simply fantastic!”


All About Jazz – CD of the Week *****

‘Besides the soloists melancholic and dreamy Baker, it emerges superbly a colourful kaleidoscope of Italian Jazz of the sixties…’


France Musique Radio – Olivier Le Borgne *****

‘Moochin About’s label offers us a superb 3CD Box, five highly remastered soundtracks in the rules of art…’


The New Wave: MOOCHIN04


Richard Neupert, Author of A History of French New Wave

“These soundtracks helped change world cinema forever…”


Le Soir

“A Sublime 6CD Collection of New Wave film scores”


Rough Trade Records

2014 Box set of the year!


Fanfare Magazine

This unique and comprehensive collection will appeal to jazz buffs who also like French New Wave cinema, with Moochin’ About’s presentation as physically attractive as always…


Biopics: MOOCHIN06


The Guardian ****

Picture Perfect Soundtracks


Cerys Matthews: 6Music

This time a collection of film soundtracks which will transform that ordinary day into one worthy itself of a film just by the sheer brilliance of the sound spilling from your speakers.


Rhos Male Voice Choir: MOOCHIN08


The Cinch Review: Music from the Welsh Mines

Every track on the album is astounding in its way… and about as affecting a musical performance of the 23rd Psalm (in English) as one need ever hear during one’s life on this old earth.


Fanfare Magazine ~ Henry Fogel

The dark sound, founded on an extremely solid bass line, is married to a quite unusual sense of blend and balance, providing great beauty throughout. I found myself almost hypnotized by its beauty. The perfectly judged recorded sound, spacious but also clear and focused, is another asset.


If there was ever an album to raise the hair on your arms, this is it…


The mesmerising and moving, Music From The Welsh Mines finally gets its re-release on CD, this very special recording by one of Wales’ foremost choirs will be accompanied for the first time with a bonus disc Songs Of Peace & Goodwill – a collection of Christmas carols record in 1958, one year after the original album which has also been remastered …



Crime Jazz:



“This celebration of American vintage noir turns up some period treasures and is a journey into a lost world


THE OBSERVER ~ Dave Gelly ****

“Gripping Film Themes from Henry Mancini and Elmer Bernstien in this classic box-set series..”



Sidney Bechet… French Movies:


THE GUARDIAN ~ Dave Gelly ****
The gusto and joie de vivre of his playing, its unhesitating confidence and throbbing vibrato are unique in jazz and I’m not alone in finding it irresistible.


MOJO *****
Hovering in a golden blur between romantic glissade and a woozy swing…


Jazz on Film: The New Wave II


JAZZWISE ~ Michael Horovitz *****
‘This starry talent-packed deluxe box, containing 8CD’s and a copious stills illustrated booklet, enlarges on Moochin’ About’s label first ‘ Jazz on Film… The New Wave’ and this time endorsed by director Mike Leigh…’


MOJO ~ Andrew Male *****
‘Highlights are a plenty, but tubby Hayes set for ‘All Night Long’, is a smokey twilight delight…’


THE OBSERVER ~ Dave Gelly *****
‘At last, British Jazz gets a chance to shine in this monumental series of soundtrack box sets, which are always a rich and enjoyable collection…’


David Amram’s Classic American Film Scores: 1956 ~ 2016

ALL ABOUT JAZZ ~ CD of the Week ****
‘A vast Panorama of Jazz Related work in film and theatre, in this absolutely deserving, strongly desired collection, that brings together these organic soundtracks’
MOJO ~ Andrew Male *****
‘This is pure wild class’
   DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE (Christmas Gift Idea) ~ Bobby Reed

Its a treat to hear Amram’s music from films, but to hear his music for his theatrical productions, is even more special…

Its like gaining access to his personal collection…!


Songs of Praise is at the confluence of these first discs, Perry Blake works textures more electoniquies and moving, sometimes threatening and almost martial (Wrote You A Letter), other times soothed (Hyptia’s Lament)…a bipolar work of a feeling of reunion with a friend we’d lost sight of… Gregory Bodenes 5/6 *****


The rhythm of the outings slows down in the middle of the summer. We suspend our topic Magic loves until August 30, not without recommending those outings that can not be a victim of your well-deserved vacation.

1. PERRY BLAKE – Songs of Praise
(Moochin ‘about / PIAS) – 19/07/2019