Strictly limited edition


Side 1

Jazz Me Blues / Perez Prado & his Orchestra (The King of Mambo)

The Sheik of Araby / Noro Morales & His Orchestra

Mambo Jumps / The Tony Martinez Quintet

Muskrat Ramble Mambo / The Al Romero Quintet

Love For Sale / The Don Elliot Quintet

Ballin’ The Jack / Perez Prado & His Orchestra (The King of Mambo)

Side 2

Jersey Bounce / Perez Prado & His Orchestra (The King of Mambo)

Sweet Sue Just You / Noro Morales Quintet

Fascinating Rhythm / The Tony Martinez Quintet

Lullaby Of Birdland / Damiron & his Rhythm

Makin Whoopee / The Don Elliot Quintet

St Louis Blues Mambo / Perez Prado & his Orchestra (The King of Mambo)

plus 10! (download only…)

Isla Verde / Noro Morales

Mambo 5  / Pérez Prado

Mambo 8 / Pérez Prado

Mississipi Mambo Noro Morales Y Su Orquesta

Mambo Del Politecnico / Pérez Prado

Mambo En Sax  / Pérez Prado

Mambo En Trompeta / Pérez Prado

Hollywood Mambo Tony Martínez Quintet

Black magnolia / Pérez Prado

Broadway Mambo / Pérez Prado


‘Man, it’s time to bolt down the furniture and kick back the rugs. This is no time to be a drag – let down your hair, roll up those trousers and start swingin’! This is the righteous stuff for all you jazzbos – mambo for cats – and, man, if you’re not a jumpin’, rockin’, screamin’ cat by the time this record ends, there’s just no hope – you’re dead…!

We’ve assembled just about every fast-movin’ mambo out in the game, lighted are under their respective music stands and, brother, the results are absolutely the livin’ end. They just have to be, for this is music that moves and moves and never gives up – it’s the greatest, man; it’s the most frantic, it’s the hippest! And any of you deluded hipsters who thought the Latins could play nothing but guitars are sure livin’ somewhere in the middle ages…!’


Jim Flora was an artist, best known for his distinctive and idiosyncratic album cover art for Columbia Records and RCA Victor from the 1940s through the 1970s. His abstract creations are almost Picasso-esque at times and have a dynamic suggestion of motion that pairs well with music—especially Jazz & Classical…


Over the next year ,together with Irwin Chusid ; Author/Editor and biographer of all things Flora, plus the Jim Flora website ( – and Barbara Economon who lovingly restored all Flora’s wild & wacky album covers, Moochin’ about will be re-issuing a series of special edition boxset’s, LP’s, featuring all the Columbia & RCA Victor recordings, including some of the finest Jazz and Classical recordings ever, as well as some hidden gems, in sensational celebration of The Wizard Of The Foot Square Canvas…


So to get us started, a classic Mambo Collection. An ultra rare LP, featuring some of the greatest Mambo artists ever and one of the most Iconic Flora album covers ever – MAMBO FOR CATS, which was originally released on RCA Victor, now digitally re-mastered for release…


And as hipster, BILL ZEITUNG says in his mad, beatnik style sleeve notes…

When the mambo meets jazz, man, don’t run for cover – just stand your ground and swing with the rest – but above all else, friends, STAY LOOSE!